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Conte pour oreiller / Ask the stars

Sylvain Favardin, Ludmila Favardin

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56 stran

215 × 190 mm

Every night, stars appear in the sky to bring us dreams. They wait for the moment when everybody sleeps, to decide which magic to invent in the sky... It was a lovely summer night and it was as warm as Africa. The stars decided to create the shape of a Giraffe. They waited until midnight to bring her to life...
Charming book hides a night story of the constellation called Camelopardalis - The Giraffe. Minimalist illustrations invite readers to unwind their own imaginations. During the bedtime reading, small dreamers can conjure up the sky full of stars only with the help of a lamp and then plunge into the Night.

The book selected for the touring exhibition of Most Beautiful Czech and Slovak Books.